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Plum hippopotomisiseses
Page. 103 - "I always thinks like Brooker T. Washington..."

Brooker T. Washington was born in 1856 and died on November 19th, 1915. He was one of the largest black political leaders. He was born into slavery with a white father. He was known for his influential education of Black people.He helped to give more rights to Black people by influencing President Wilson to give more rights to Black people as well. He supported segregation to keep the Black people safe. For more information on Brooker T. Washingtion go to http://www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/stories_people_booker.html
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Plum Hippopotomisiseses
Page 112. "olddddddddd-fashionedddd-Negros"

In the olden days African American people were discriminated against mostly in housing. Many white people feared that when a African Americans moved into town that their property of their house would decrease dramatically. The realitors would sell the white houses to the African Americans and make tons of money because they would increase the price of the house just for the African Americans. For a more indepth reading go to www.literature-study-online.com/essays/hansberry.html

Pg. 113- "Damn even the N double A C P takes a holiday sometimes."

NAACP is the National Assosiation for the Advancement of Colored People.They are an African Civil rights group in the US. Its mission is "to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and racial discrimination".The NAACP's headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland. The NAACP was formed on February 9, 1909 in New York City. There are 300,000 members

"When Lorraine Hansberry was a child, her family experienced firsthand the results of a government unconcerned with blacks leaving segregation. After the Hansberrys moved into a white neighborhood, their neighbors brought a lawsuit to evict them. The local Chicago government was willing to eject the Hansberrys from their new home but Lorraine's father, Carl Hansberry, took their case to court. With the help of the NAACP, he eventually won the right to stay, but never recovered from the emotional stress of their legal battles" (21).http://www.literature-study-online.com/essays/hansberry.html
The NAACP Logo

Black Mamba
pg. 114. "Well- I am a representative of the Clybourne Park Assoociation-"~Karl Linder
"During 1959, in a growing neighborhood outside Chicago, Progress Development Corporation planned to sell ten to twelve new homes to blacks. When the all-white neighborhood of Deerfield discovered this, they were furious One resident, Bob Danning, explained his feelings and the feelings of his neighbors when he stated, 'We're not bigots. We don't go around calling people names. And I don't think we want to deny Negroes or anybody else the right to decent homes, just as good as ours. But not next door'"
Lorraine Hansberry used Bob Danning as inspiration for the character Karl Linder. Mr. Linder visited the Youngers and tried to got them to sell the house back and stay where they were because he didn't want any trouble. Mr. Linder saw the Youngers as trouble because they are colored.

Page 116. - Black vs. White Neighborhoods (Need a quote)

The setting of A Raisin in the Sun is the ghetto of Chicago, where most blacks lived. These districts consisted of overpriced, overcrowded, and poorly-maintained apartments and homes. In the ghettos, crime rates were high and public services were limited. Most blacks living in the ghetto had hopes of leaving to better suburban neighborhoods, but segregated housing kept them stuck in the ghetto.http://www.literature-study-online.com/essays/hansberry.html

Real estate agents made enormous profits by manipulating whites fears of integration and black comunities. Costs of houses in white neighborhoods were much lower than housing in black neighborhoods. If a black family moved next to a white a white family, they would fear their property value would crash. The realestate agent would buy the property for less than market value, turn around and double the price and sell it too black families. (Are these quotes, or is this paraphrasing?)

external image kkk1.jpgThe KKK didn't like black people, especially when they moved into white neighborhoods. (Was the KKK in the quote from the book? Perhaps this is another bookmark?)

Black Mamba
pg. 122. "I got wings...you got wings...All God's children got wings..."

HEAV'N, HEAV'N (ALL GOD'S CHILDREN GOT...) Traditional Negro Spiritual

I've got a robe, you've got a robe All God's children got a robe When I get to Heav'n I'm going to put on my robe (I'm going to) Shout all over God's Heav'n
REFRAIN: Heav'n, Heav'n Ev'rybody talking about Heav'n, ain't going there Heav'n, Heav'n Shout all over God's Heav'n.
I've got a shoe, you've got a shoe All God's children got a shoe When I get to Heav'n I'm going to put on my shoe I'm going to walk all over God's Heav'n
I've got a-wings, you've got a-wings All God's children got wings When I get to Heav'n I'm going to put on my wings I'm going to fly all over God's Heav'n
I've got a harp, you've got a harp All God's children got a harp When I get to Heav'n I'm going to play on my harp I'm going to play all over God's Heav'n
I've got a song, you've got a song All God's children got a song When I get to Heav'n I'm going to sing a new song I'm going to sing all over God's Heav'n
I've got a crown, you've got a crown... All God's children got a crown When I get to Heav'n I'm going to put on my crown I'm going to shout all over God's Heav'n...

Walter Younger uses this song to show what he see's the American dream being. When you go to heaven you are free and when you get your wings you can spread them and fly. Walter sees that moving to the new house will be a new freedom and with the new business investment he is going to be able to spread his wings and fly. He will be able to do more with his life.

pg.124. "Travis-we were trying to make mama Mrs. Miniver-not Scarlett O'Hara"

Mrs. Miniver is a movie about a family post WWII. She has two children and is well liked by everyone in her town. She is from a "middle class" family. Mrs.Miniver enters a rose competition and wins. She has a rose named after her.
Mrs. Miniver

-Scarlett O'Hara is an actress known for being self-centered, rude, and spoiled. She wore the most extravagant clothes she could.
Scarlett O'Hara

pg. 121. "He talked about brotherhood. He said everybody ought to learn how to sit down and hate each other with good Christian fellowship."
This is a quote said by Beneatha which reflects the implicit bias shown by Linder. He doesn't know that he's being racist and believes he's being Biblical. Implicit bias is a type of bias that is not known by the person who is being biased, a person could be totally rasict without knowing it. Here's a link to a test to project implicit bias-- https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/research/ (Perhaps run through word to find spelling errors. It also might help to give an example of implicit bias.)
Becca Granowsky
Pg 118
"...for the happiness of all concerned that our negro families are happier when they live in their own communities."

Negro families used to have their own separated communities aside from white families. The cost of living was lower, but so was the quality. Also, the negro communities were "way out" as Mama describes earlier in the book. It would take twice as much time to get to work than the location of white family communities. It was very, very rare for a black family to move into a white community for risk for their safety to not only the family, but also the property.

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Old run down ghetto community.